The new Google Ads experience has truly divided opinion over recent months. Many have expressed their support for the new features and layout whilst many others have found the new 'experience' difficult to adjust to.

It has been announced by Google that Google Ads will permanently replace the old interface with the new one from July onwards (or the 10th July to be precise). So if you’re a fan of the older version get ready to say your goodbyes. That’s it, it’s gone by July. Adios old interface.

This step by Google may come as a surprise to some. Rumours have circulated that the switchover would take place by no later than November – ample time for many Google Partners to make the necessary adjustments to their account management and ensure a smooth transition. This new announcement seems to have superseded this rumour and it could take many by surprise. On the other hand, the changeover has been expected for a while and Google Ads has provided interchangeable interfaces to allow for more experienced users to familiarise themselves with the new layout. It can also be argued that the new interface has been active for more than a year and the changeover in July is justified. Whatever way you look at it, it’s happening and happening very soon.

So what can you expect from the new Google Ads Experience?

Amongst the new features you’ll be able to use ad variations and promotion extensions to create more flexible ad groups which will allow you to drive your campaigns even further and diversify your business goals. Furthermore, for those of you who haven’t used your time wisely, there is a quick reference map available to guide you to the new features.

However, as previously discussed in our blog post about the old and new interfaces (read it here), Google Ads has tended to offer underdeveloped options for combating click fraud. Whilst there are features which address the problem, they are inadequate, especially when considering the increasing threat posed by click fraud to online advertising budgets.

With this in mind, Click Guardian offers business owners an opportunity to protect their budgets against the threat of click fraud. Your ads will be protected against a person, bot, automated script or program trying to inflate your Google Ads budget and drive up costs.

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