Click Fraud

Competitor click fraud is a growing and costly problem within PPC campaigns and whether it’s a one-man band small business or large corporation, the effects of competitors committing click fraud to inflate your costs and reduce your[…]

BING Click Fraud  It may come as no surprise that BING Ads are susceptible to BING click fraud. In simple terms, click fraud, regardless of the search engine, will undermine PPC campaigns and will appear in all[…]

VPN Click Fraud Click Fraud and VPNs – or Virtual Private Networks have an interesting and intertwined relationship. In much the same way click fraud and bots are used to commit wide-reaching paid ad fraudulent activity, VPN[…]

Click Fraud Bots Click fraud Bots are a nuisance and, it would seem, both click fraud and Bots make the perfect partners in crime. After all, Bots offer fraudsters an opportunity to commit click fraud on a[…]

Click Fraud Costs It cannot be denied, click fraud costs money. A lot of money, and it’s not going to get better any time soon. Unfortunately, the amount of lost revenue is becoming higher each year. It[…]

We understand that the world of click fraud can seem a bit confusing and littered with technical jargon at times. You may have heard of click fraud terminology which may have been used in various articles or[…]

Click fraud is an increasing concern for online advertisers and the methods to tackle the problem are not always forthcoming. It would seem that there is an inconsistent consensus as to how to tackle Click Fraud and[…]

Installing Click Guardian tracking code using Google Tag Manager: Visit: Click on the container name:   2.  Click Add New Tag   3.  Name the Tag: Click Guardian and click on the choose tag type icon  […]

Enabling the Invalid Clicks columns in AdWords can often be overlooked.  However, there are some advantages to knowing which campaigns are worst affected by invalid click activity.  Concentrating on the issue of invalid click activity means you[…]

Display Network Click Fraud The display network can be a great asset to your PPC campaigns.  However the display network is not immune to the issue of display network click fraud, in fact due to publisher click[…]