Case Study: Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd

Case Study: Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd

Since 1998, Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd have helped over 10,000 contractors legally maximise their take home pay. We provide tailored accountancy services to a variety of contractor industries. From engineering to marketing and social care to IT, we can personalise our service to suit your accountancy needs, both professionally and personally –

John and Louise felt that they both, and his fellow contractors, needed a better accountancy solution. He created Churchill Knight in order to do just that. Growing the service over the last 18 years, they have remained fanatical about offering high quality service and contractor’s needs are at the heart of the service we deliver.


Click Guardian Case Study


What made you consider utilizing a click fraud monitoring solution?

Milosz wanted to prove his hypothesis that click fraud was affecting the campaigns he is working on. It was suspected competitors were clicking on their ads causing significant budget wastage.

Why did you choose Click Guardian?

Predominantly because of the UK location. Easy to talk to on the phone & no sales pitch. Technically, Click Guardian was chosen because of limitations in the reporting of the inbuilt invalid clicks system.


This account was signed up for Click Guardian Pro on the 7th February 2017.

During this time there has been 185 blocks automatically issued to AdWords.

The approximate savings based on average cost per click is £849.15 to date.

Click Fraud Case Study


‘Using Click Guardian helped me to prove my hypothesis that our competitors are clicking on our ads’ – Milosz Krasinski


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